The 50-year-old George Massey Tunnel was the first project in North America to use 1957 Construction of Massey tunnel near Vancouver.immersed tube technology.

Nehemiah “George” Massey was the driving force behind its construction.

The tunnel which connects Delta and Richmond to downtown Vancouver by carrying Highway 99 traffic under the south arm of the Fraser River, was opened on May 23, 1959. The tunnel was originally known as the Deas Island Tunnel.


According to Doug Massey, son of George Massey, the biggest challenge in...

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I have listed a new property at 3 15988 32ND AVE in Surrey.
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I have listed a new property at 14 3268 156A ST in Surrey.
Imagine finding a like new townhome that fits the whole family. Designed with charater, you are delighted to know 4 large bedrooms will keep you family cozy. The upscale kitchen, complete with granite counter tops, S/S Jenn Airappliances and space to create gourmet feasts for your company brings a smile to your face. The hardwood throughout keeps your toes warm, as does the electric fireplace in your elegant living room. The...
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If you have been sitting on the fence to buy or sell, it may be time to jump off.

Things have changed. The news is quiet, the papers have found something else to report on, the sun is coming out and the banks are in competition for business. Life is good if you are a home seller or buyer.


Over the last 8-10 months, selling your home would have been tough. With photos on the front page of MacLean’s magazine showing a high-rise condo unit with flames shooting out the side of it, this kind...

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Numbering Surrey Roads

Here is a list of some of our more famous street names and where they came from. Enjoy!


-Darin Germyn w/ Macdonald Realty



White Rock/ Surrey's Historic Street Names

120th Street – Scott Road: – In 1873 Col. J. T. Scott contracted to build a wagon road south from Brownsville to the Ladner Trunk Road to give Ladner residents a short cut to New Westminster.

128th Street – Sandell Road: – A Swedish sailor Nels Peter Anderson jumped ship in 1887 and settled at what is now the corner of 96th Avenue and 128th Street. Fearing discovery he changed his name to Sandell, married, farmed and fished in Surrey. This is the northern end of 128th Street.

128th Street – Stevenson Road: – Ben Stevenson came to Surrey in 1887. He owned 97 hectares on Wade Road (44th Ave) at Mud Bay. He later acquired land and settled west of 128th Street from the southern bluff north to 24th Avenue. This is the southern end of 128th Street from the Nicomekl River to the bluff above Semiahmoo Bay.

136th Street – Bergstrom Road: – Mr. Bergstrom, a farmer and one-time Ward 2 alderman (1897) who lived along 136th Street near Bear Creek Park.

136th Street – Peace Arch Highway, King George Highway (99A): - King George Highway, opened in 1940, and ran from Hjorth Road south to Bose Road along the line of Bergstrom Road or 136th Street.

144th Street – Archibald Road: – A Mr. Archibald homesteaded a quarter section west of James Johnston's quarter section on Johnston Road. This was the south-east corner of what is now 80th Avenue and 144th Street. A trail, later improved to a road, linked the Archibald homestead to Yale Road.

152nd Street – Johnston Road: – In 1866 
James Johnston and his two sons Isaac and William came to surrey and homesteaded land along 152nd Street north of 64th Avenue to 80th Avenue. All were active in Municipal affairs. This road ran north–south through the Johnston Settlement.

160th Street – Boothroyd Road: – This section of the road is located between the Serpentine and Nicomekl Rivers and runs north and south along side a quarter section that George Boothroyd farmed.George Boothroyd built a house for his family in 1873 in Surrey Centre, which still exists and operates as the Wired Monk. He was a councilor in 1882 and often there after.

160th Street – Pike Road: – William Pike had originally settled along the Semiahmoo Road in 1872. (See the Pike Family) He later sold this property and settled the south west corner of Pike Road and Yale Road. He was also on Surrey Council. Pike Road begins north of the Serpentine lowlands and crossed Yale Road to Townline Road (96th Avenue).

160th Street – Stayte Road: – Reverend Stayte, a Presbyterian or Methodist Minister, who owned a farm along the road before 1900. Stayte Road runs south of the Nicomekl lowlands to the Campbell River. Its southern portion is the eastern boundary of White Rock and Surrey.

168th Street – Coast Meridian Road: – In 1859, J.W. Trutch began a land survey for the Fraser Valley. It was based on a line of the Coast Meridian that cut Semiahmoo Bay at the International Border. That survey slash line, north to the Fraser River, would in time become Coast Meridian Road.

(See Coast Meridian Road) 

176th Street – Clover Valley Road: – Clover Valley was the name the Shannon Brothers gave to the region of their homestead. This became the name of the road running north and south through Clover Valley later Cloverdale.

176th Street – Pacific Highway: – When Pacific Highway was designated in 1913 (from the New Westminster rail and road bridge at Brownsville along the Yale Road to Clover Valley Road) the section of Clover Valley Road from Yale Road to the Border was included in and renamed Pacific Highway.

184th Street – Halls Prairie Road: – In 1845 Sam Hall, a trapper, lived on the edge of the small prairie with his native wife. The prairie was named after Hall; Halls Prairie. This road linking Yale Road to Boundary Road and the border was the best all weather-road before Pacific Highway was cemented in 1923.

192nd Street – Latimer Road: – Mr. J. Latimer settled on the east side of Surrey and served on its second council. Latimer Road ran north south from Brown Road north to the Fraser River. In 1879 this was the eastern boundary of Surrey. When it was discovered that a half–mile strip between the municipalities of Surrey and Langley did not belong to either, the boundary was moved a half–mile east in 1881 to 196th Street, the present boundary.

196th Street – Kells Road: – This road marks the eastern boundary of Surrey. Two men both namedHenry Kells, preempted land on the Fraser River and established Port Kells on the Fraser River. Later Port Kells was moved inland to become a station on the New Westminster Southern Railway.

Harvey Road: This road was the former rail bed of the New Westminster Southern Railway from Yale Road to Port Kells. After the rails were removed the road along the right of way was named after the first engineer on the line - Robert Harvie.

Crescent Road: In 1884, a road was built following the south bank of the Nicomekl River to provide access to Blackie's Spit later Crescent Beach. This road serviced fisherman and hunters using Blackie's Spit.

Telegraph Trail: This was part of the line of the ill-fated overland telegraph system and ran from New Westminster eastward along the south shore of the Fraser to Yale and the Cariboo Wagon Road.

Yale Road, Fraser Highway (1A): This was an all-weather road built from Brownsville east through the Fraser Valley to Yale. It provided access when the Fraser River froze over in the winter.

Surrey's Historic Avenue Names

0 Avenue – Boundary Road: – In 1858 this was the slash line of the American and British Boundary Commissions establishing the international survey line for the Canada–USA border. The border trail to service the border markers became Boundary Road.

8th Avenue – Campbell River Road: – This road follows the north bank of the Campbell River east and crosses it west of Halls Prairie Road (184th Street). It was named for Archibald Campbell, the head of the American International Boundary Commission. The Semiahmoo Peoples' name for the little river in the southern part of Surrey was Tahtaloo. As this road runs into White Rock it is named Washington Avenue, and along the water, Marine Drive.

16th Avenue – North Bluff Road: – George Vancouver, in 1792, recorded in his journal: that which, from hence appeared the northern extreme of the continental shore was a low bluff point. The north bluff Vancouver referred to is near Ocean Park and the North Bluff Road runs east into Hazelmere and Langley.

24th Avenue – Sunnyside Road: – This road runs east west along the crest of the southern uplands and marked the sunny side of the uplands.

32nd Avenue – Brown Road: – Among Surrey's early settlers were many named Brown. In Hazelmere Valley three different Browns homesteaded adjoining properties. It cannot be determined what specific Brown the road is named for. However, it should belong to all the many Brown families.

40th Avenue - Bradshaw Road: - Mr. Bradshaw homesteaded on the eastern section of this road (40th Ave.), east of the New Westminster Southern Railway.

40th Avenue – Kensington Road: – Mr. H.T. Thrift named the Kensington District. The Kensington Road, east of the Semiahmoo Wagon Road, cut through the District, and ran east to the New Westminster Southern Railway.

40th Avenue – Mud Bay Road: – This section of the road which ran west of the Semiahmoo Wagon Road leading to Mud Bay.

48th Avenue – McElroy Road: – This road is still only built in bits and pieces, a mile here and another half–mile there. Mr. McElroy farmed in the area.

56th Avenue – Milton Road: – Where the road ran east through Cloverdale it was named Milton Road. Albert Milton lived beside and worked on part of the road.

56th Avenue – McLellan Road: –- A.J. McLellan was the contractor for 13 miles of the road that ran west to link to the Semiahmoo Wagon Road and the Ladner Trunk Road and an ice free port. From the Serpentine Bridge it ran north-east to Surrey Centre and then east (long the current 60th Avenue) to the Yale Road.

56th Avenue – New McLellan Road: – The road above was straightened from where the road branched north-east after crossing the Serpentine. It crossed the lowlands and ran east to Cloverdale. This section was initially named Shannon Road after the contractor, Joe Shannon, but was renamed the New McLellan Road.

64th Avenue – Bose Road: – Henry Bose came to Surrey in 1890 at the age of 22 and established the successful Meadow Ridge Farm. He was reeve for five years, a police magistrate for 35 and president of the Surrey Cooperative for 25 years. Bose Road ran from Scott Road (120th Street) to Yale Road. 
Meed Road: Mr. Meed farmed along the road (64th Ave.) as well. 
Peck Road: Mr. Peck farmed along the road as well. Both these names were eventually submerged by the Bose name.

72nd Avenue – Newton Road: – Mr. E.J. Newton settled on Newton Road near Sandell around 1886. This is the western end of the road that ran east west and crossed the BC Electric Railway at Newton Station. The station took its name from the road.

72nd Avenue – Jericho Road: – Someone with imagination must have named the eastern end of this road. It has a biblical source.

80th Avenue – Hunt Road: – This is the western end of 80th Avenue running into the Serpentine Valley.Mr. Hunt left no record but his name on part of this road.

80th Avenue – Serpentine Road: – The eastern portion of the road that runs through the winding valley of the Serpentine into the Clayton District.

88th Avenue – Davis Road: – Mr. Davis was an early homesteader in the Kennedy area. He received a contract to improve the road east of the Serpentine.

88th Avenue – Kennedy Road: – In 1860 James Kennedy took up land on what would be Surrey's western border. He built a trail from Mud Bay to move cattle to his holdings and then onto New Westminster during the BC Gold Rush. The line of 88th Avenue east of the Kennedy Heights Community became Kennedy Road.

96th Avenue – Townline Road: – In 1859, the slash line for the survey for the north side of the township became Township Road. Townships are 6 miles square. This is the line 12 miles from the Canada/USA border and marked the northern line of the second township. Around the turn of the century Surrey Council changed the name of Township Road to Townline Road. Townline Road is also located in Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack.

104th Avenue – Hjorth Road: – In 1885 the Norwegian Hans Christian Hjorth was the first of a number of fishermen to move up from his Fraser River shack to locate on what became 104th Ave. He returned to his native Norway but his name remains.

112th Avenue – North Road: – Broken parts of 112th Avenue extend along the north-facing slope of the south bank of the Fraser River, therefore the name North Road. The west end of 112th Avenue is in the vicinity of Pattullo Bridge.

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I have listed a new property at 20251 93B AVE in Langley.
Imagine finding a complete family home in a quiet neighborhood that is luxurious and affordable. You walk into find exquisite finishings throughout, with tons of light, designer high end laminate and open spaces. The large family dining room and sitting area will provide the right space for family get-togethers and more. The kitchen, adjacent to the executive living room makes you smile, boasting granite counter tops, newer...
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