Recreation cannabis, media tricks and the latest stats- #DrinksWithDarin May 2018


It's May and there is A LOT going on. This month we need to have a serious conversation about the upcoming legislation on growing recreational cannabis in your home. It is a HUGE issue coming down the road at every homeowner and homebuyer. You can also check out my feature with Global News about the issue here. 


You also are not going to want to miss the latest headlines the media is telling you, and see the truth behind what is really happening out there.



As mentioned in the video, you can check out for more information on the initiative.


A special thanks to Central City Brewing and Sawbucks Pub in White Rock, this month we tried out their DELICIOUS IPA. And guess what, it was really good. Check out everything Central City Brewing has to offer here. As always, all the statistics and such can be found at the link below.


Thanks for watching as see you next month for a drink!


Until next time,


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