The WORST, CRAZIEST, STRESSFUL possession of a home in 15 years

So us Realtors in the Fraser Valley, we have this real estate Facebook group where we share best practices, tips, try to generally chat about what's going on in the market, and sometimes we also let each other know about horror stories about what happened in our industry. There was one post that was put out recently about a possession day nightmare where this house had been completely ransacked by the people that were living there in preparation to hand it over to the new owners. While unfortunately we do see these sorts of things in our travels, they are relatively rare and they tend to come out of very particular situations for the most part. Usually it is a foreclosure type sale, maybe it's a separation, or maybe somebody is having the home sold that their partner and them have separated as well. Needless to say, typically the people that are moving don't usually want to move.

I thought for this post today, I would take you back about 2 years and tell you about a possession day story of my own that was certainly the absolute top of the list for the worst, most horrible possession that could absolutely ever take place and what happened at the end of it. So if you want to hear all about this crazy story, this is definitely the post for you. Let's get into it. What's good everybody? It's Darin Germyn from the Germyn Group, where we know you've only got one chance to either buy or sell your next home.So we're here to help you get it right. If you are thinking of selling your home or looking to buy a home, you can speak directly with me and we'll let you know exactly how we help people just like you be incredibly successful in their real estate endeavors.

Okay, so let's go back and not way back, but let's go back to January of 2020, right before COVID hit, which certainly seems like a really long time ago now, but my clients, who are just some of the most amazing people ever had, just bought this beautiful home in the Cedar Hills neighborhood of Surrey.

It was on a street with a lot of homes that were older than this one. This one was built in around 2014 and they spent quite a bit of money on this particular property when it was constructed. Now, we weren't buying it from the people that built it. These are secondary owners and they had taken relatively good care of the property. So we were looking very forward to getting into a great home in a very up and coming neighborhood very close to downtown Surrey.

As we went through the process, we learned that there was some things happening behind the scenes that we weren't overly aware about, but it wasn't a big deal because it wasn't overly out of the normal. The lady who was selling the home unfortunately had gone through a little bit of a nasty separation with her husband and that was kind of part of the reason that she was selling the home. Her husband's parents actually lived in the side street of this particular property as well. And while it seemed like everybody was on fairly good terms in terms of the ex wife and the husband's parents living in the side suite, little did we know it was going to get very interesting as time progressed. Fast forward to getting into the home just the night before.

I had a little bit of a realtor inkling that something was going on. And I get these once in a while. Not really often, but I do get some. So I called the listing realtor who was an awesome person, an awesome realtor, and shout out to Shane Sharma who was with Oakwyn Realty at the time and still may be for how he handled this situation as well because it wasn't nice for anybody. So Shane was gracious enough to agree to meet me at the home in the morning for the possession just in case something went awry.

The big morning comes around and it is pouring rain outside one of those dreary and dark days in January, that we so frequently experience on the west coast. So I pull up to the home in my car and my client is going to be there in probably about 30 minutes. I want to be a little bit early just in case there was any issues. And of course the first thing I noticed was stuff everywhere. There was stuff all over the outside of the property, all over the lot as we would call it.

Just general junk and refuse and things that should have been removed. Now, the fun thing for the purpose of this video is I did document certain parts of this. So I'm going to show you some photos and some video as we go through to show you exactly what we experienced. So this is never a good start when there is stuff basically everywhere and somebody's got to clean that up. And usually it's going to fall back on the seller.

But how quickly they do it and who comes to do it and whether they do it is always the concern. So we've already got strike one against us where there is junk absolutely everywhere. So Shane and I are kind of walking around the outside and just making a little bit of a plan. We then proceed to go knock on the front door where a very frazzled seller opens the door to greet us. Now, the reason the seller is frazzled is because apparently the roof started leaking the night before.

So we walk in through the foyer and take a look up to our right and you can see a big nipple hanging down that is full of water coming from the ceiling. And there is water absolutely everywhere, all over this beautiful tile floor. To make matters worse, the seller then fills us in that she let the insurance go on the home just days before because she didn't think that she needed to carry it the entire time. So as we're watching water stream down from the roof onto this nice, beautiful tile floor and everywhere else, we now know that there's no insurance on the property. So we got to start thinking about how we're going to get that fixed.

So the floor is covered in water. Apparently the roof began leaking last night. If you can see the water all over the floor, coming down the wall and coming from there. But there's more. As we are working our phones and looking for solutions to this leaking roof, it's an active problem that we need to get fixed right away.

I start walking around the home while I'm on the phone with Roofers and notice that the place is absolutely disgusting inside. That's right. Absolutely disgusting. Whether they hadn't cleaned in two weeks prior to us coming over or maybe that's just how they lived, the house was absolutely filthy inside. It didn't look like anything had been done other than move maybe the odd piece of furniture out of the house.

But it was nasty. So now we've got junk removal on the outside, we've got an actively leaking roof with damage, and we've got a disgusting house, one of which my clients were planning to move into later that day. So if you're sitting there thinking that it probably couldn't get much worse than that, I would normally agree with you. But for whatever reason, the real estate gods were not on our side that day. Because do you remember the side suite where the ex husband's parents lived?

Well, they were still there. My client had a renovation company coming to completely gut this side suite to redo it because it was kind of disgusting inside to begin with. But they had a renovation company coming to start work that very day. Now, the good news is that renovation company was the first company to jump up on the roof and help alleviate the leaking problem. They got a tarp up there and it would buy them a little bit of time to try and figure out what was going on with the leak.

But this also lent itself to a renovations company is coming and they are getting paid to be there. They're paid by the hour. And we've got a suite full of stuff full of furniture, disgusting inside, and it's got people inside that are supposed to be out that are not. So we've got another big problem on our hands. At this point, I am just thinking it cannot get any worse.

It cannot get any crazier. So we knock on the door and with much respect to the ex husband's parents, we ask if we can come in and come take a look at the suite. So Shane and I are looking around and there is just furniture everywhere. It looks no different than the day that we had first seen it. They were not prepared to go anywhere.

Now, these parents, I'm sure they were very lovely people, but they also didn't really speak a lick of English. So as we're walking through the suite, the ex wife is trying to communicate with the parents. We're trying to ask the ex wife why these guys aren't out. Why did nobody let us know what is happening? So we leave the suite, we go back into the main part of the house, and we're all just trying to figure out what the hell to do next.

At this point, of course, the new homeowner is there and they're walking through. I remember the poor guy just completely stone quiet. Because this is obviously not a nice experience whatsoever. And that's kind of the kicker about possession day. You could still walk through a home a few days before possession, but that has absolutely no reflection on what it's going to look like when you get it or what you might encounter.

So obviously everybody is kind of upset at this point and pretty frustrated. Just then, a car pulls into the driveway and it is the daughter of the people living in the suite, the sister of the ex husband. And she goes into the suite, guns ablazing in terms of she is not very happy at myself, at Shane, or at the seller because we went into her parents home. Now don't forget, we knocked on the door. We asked if it was okay to come in, and they had agreed to let us come in and take a look.

The daughter comes out and starts just blowing up and screaming things at everybody that was there. Yelling at the ex wife of her brother about how bad of a person she was. She starts screaming at myself and Shane that we had illegally entered the premises for her parents. She's waving her phone around in the air, screaming that she is going to record everything. We are going to be on global news that night for elder abuse.

And it was just absolutely bananas. So as all this craziness is happening in the driveway and she's yelling at everybody, she goes back in and comes back out. And starts asking where her parents jewelry is. Holy. She is now claiming that somebody has come into the suite illegally and also stolen her parents jewelry.

Now it was myself, the other realtor, and the homeowner there, including the new homeowner, who stole my parents jewelry. Where is it? You guys are going to go to jail. I'm calling the police. I'll always remember looking down at my phone and then looking up at her.

And I said, maybe somebody should call the police. And I said, I think I'm going to do it instead. So as this situation is just exploding around us, the police end up showing up and we're not talking one, we're talking about multiple police cars. There was up to four at one point. This is when I got out my phone and really started filming almost everything because it was so stupid and so crazy.

The police went inside to go interview the daughter and her parents and came out to interview Shane and myself. And we're there in our suits, professionals trying to just help this transaction go smoothly and help it move along and getting interviewed by the police about what the situation is going on now. Luckily, this wasn't the first day on the job for these police officers and they could see pretty quickly what was happening. They let me know that they didn't believe a word the daughter was saying. They understood the situation and they were going to help us get them out because everybody was acting really crazy at this point.

So during all this time, shane is on the phone with the lawyer responsible for the conveyance and this lawyer. How they pulled this off, I have no idea. But feverishly they are creating something called a writ of possession, which Shane actually went to go pick up. And there were four copies of this that we were to present to everybody on the property that did not belong there. So this was including now the parents of the exhusband, his sister who was making things completely horrible for everybody, and one of the other brothers that had now shown up.

So we had to serve these people with legal documents saying you need to leave the premises immediately. I'm saying to the police, I don't really want to serve this lady and her family these papers, nor do I know that the parents understand it. And thankfully these lovely police officers agreed to serve the papers on our behalf. So these people were presented with this writ of possession, meaning you got to get the hell off of the property as soon as possible. Like the clouds clearing from the sky turning into a sunny day family members started showing up within 20 minutes and we watched this entire side suite, which was probably about 700 to 800 sqft.

Get completely cleared out of people and furniture within about 30 minutes. I can't help but think of ants taking things down a line and watching them move like a big leaf or something like that. Watching all these family members that have just shown up carrying furniture to trucks and cars and loading it. And in about 30 to 45 minutes the suite was almost completely cleared out. We finally had everybody out of the property.

We didn't have to worry about that part of it anymore. We obviously had a lot of things that we needed to fix but we finally had possession of the house to ourselves and we could deal with everything in a much more civilized manner. The buyer who is now the new homeowner had had a hell of a day and this was a long day. I remember I showed up there at about 830 in the morning and I had a 930 meeting that day and I refused to leave that homeowner alone. I actually stayed at the house with him for the next 7 hours to help organize everything that needed to happen to make sure the house's interest and the home buyer's interests are theirs was protected.

We arranged for a roofer to get in right away. We arranged for cleaners to come in. We arranged for junk removal people. We arranged for anything that needed to happen to get this home and the experience to where it should have been in the very get go. I remember the home buyer, the new homeowner, just being completely exhausted, as was I.

It was such a crazy day and I ordered lunch for us and everybody that was there on, we'll call it the Good Team, to just have something to eat. It was late in the day, nobody had had a bite to eat and we ended up getting some burritos and some Mexican food and we just sat there and bonded over this unbelievable experience that we had just endured together. They were so appreciative of having myself there and Shane there and how the situation was handled and obviously a little bit exhausted, but very grateful and very thankful that I guess maybe it could have gone worse, who knows? But they were very happy that it progressively got better as the day went on. We laugh about it now, this homebuyer and his wife, both incredible clients of mine, incredible people.

And we're able to look back on this story and remember it fondly because it did end well. It was certainly a story for the ages, as I'm sure you can appreciate from watching this video. But it all ended well. The house got all the renovations done it needed. They got to enjoy living there for a long time.

Well, actually, you know what, it wasn't a long time because we actually sold the home about two years later and they sold it for about 150% of what they originally bought it for. So it was an awesome investment. It all paid off for them, although it was a day of incredible headache, for lack of a better term. But it did all work out and now they're very happy in the home they actually love and want to be in a neighborhood that they love to have their kids in with the school district and all that good stuff. So there is a happy ending to this story.

But there you have it, guys. That is my craziest possession story I have ever had. I am curious if you're watching this and you've ever bought a home or sold a home. What is the craziest possession story you've ever had? Leave me a comment below.

Let me know what you've gone through, what you've endured, or if you like this style of video and you want me to do more kind of crazy stories from the trenches, I'm happy to do that as well. Anyways, guys, that's my story. I'm sticking to it. I'm Darin Germyn from the Germyn Group, where we know you've only got one chance to either buy or sell your next home. So we're here to help you get it.

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