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Are you ready for the 3rd installment of #DrinksWithDarin?


We have combined some of our favourite things for your viewing pleasure.


This month,...

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You’re at work when the thought hits you, “Did I lock the door when I left this morning?” You check your smartphone, see that you didn’t, and click the “LOCK”...

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Is selling your property the furthest thing from your mind? Well, here are some reasons for listing your property that you might not have considered.

  1. Your property may be worth more than you think....

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Did you hold off purchasing a home for whatever reason?


  • Saving some more money for a down payment?
  • Waiting for a raise at work?
  • Exiting a rental agreement?

The average detached home in the...

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Water heaters 101: Getting yourself in hot water | REM | Real Estate Magazine
Sep 25, 2017

By David Dodge and Scott Rollans


David Dodge with his new tankless on-demand water heater


A typical...

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