Meet Your Client Care Coordinator 


Tiffany Dion


Thank you for your decision to work with our team!


My background has been mainly customer service in nature because I very much like interacting with and helping other people. I have a fine attention to detail and those around me would say that I am exceptionally articulate. These attributes compliment my role within our team and in the real estate industry.


On a more personal level, while I’m happiest outdoors at the beach, going for a nice walk or hike, or anything else active, I also enjoy buckling down to watch good a movie or having my nose buried into a favorite book.


I am here 5 days a week to serve you in whatever means I can to assist with your sale. You will hear from me on a regular basis throughout your experience with useful information to keep you informed and educated. I look forward to introducing you to our exclusive client concierge service, a value-added opportunity for us to go above and beyond during your sale. Need a recommendation for a good tradesperson, help setting up a home service or even a great restaurant recommendation? I am here to make your selling experience with us exceptional.


Always feel free to call me directly at (604) 560-8935 whenever I can make your life a little easier or help answer a question.


Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. I hope you’ve enjoyed every bit and we look forward to working together with you!


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