Meet Your Client Care Concierge 

Natalee Denton


Thank you for your decision to work with our team!


I have an extensive background in the customer service industry and I have always enjoyed engaging in any position that allows me to help and connect with people. Working to ensure our level of service and attention to detail simplifies your life and provides you with everything you need to make buying and selling your home a relaxing and memorable experience is a top priority for our team at all times.


On a more personal level, I enjoy curling up with a book in front of a cozy fire, exploring the great outdoors on nature walks, putting together huge puzzles with my husband, and creative writing. I also do a lot of DIY projects to add to our home decor.

I am here five days a week to serve you in whatever means I can to assist with your sale. You will hear from me on a regular basis throughout our process together with useful information to keep you well-informed and educated. I look forward to introducing you to our exclusive client concierge service, a value-added opportunity for us to go above and beyond during your sale. Need a recommendation for a good tradesperson, help setting up a home service, or even a great restaurant recommendation? I am here to make your selling experience with us exceptional.

Always feel free to call me directly at (604) 560-8935 whenever I can make your life a little easier or help answer a question.


- Natalee




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