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What is an Educated Buyer's Session?


Have you ever called on a home that was for sale and the Realtor who answered the phone was so excited to show you the home, they failed to ask you what you were looking for?  Was that helpful? 


Perhaps an Educated Buyer's Session could help.

Educated Buyer's Session


  • Do you know what to watch out for when buying a home?

  • What are the best practices to save you money when negotiating?

  • What is a Realtor's role?

  • Who is looking out for your best interest?

  • What is the process from start to finish?

  • Do you actually save money working with the listing Realtor?


To have a positive and successful buying experience, we offer a complimentary, obligation free Educated Buyer's Session to teach you about everything you need to know about purchasing real estate. The goal is to set you up in the best possible position to purchase a home before you get caught up in the excitement. We help you make the right decisions the first time.


It is our opinion that when you know all the facts and details first, you are able to make better decisions along the way. This is how my past clients have found homes for better value, and had greater success in achieving their expectations in the process.


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Session Details

When- Sessions run Monday - Saturday scheduled 48 hours in advance

Cost- Complimentary

Where- #100- 2429 152nd St, Surrey

Length- Approx 1 hour

Why- Because it will save you money and help you avoid the common major mistakes made by most home buyers

Who- Hosted by Darin Germyn

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