Lucky for our Sellers, we are really good at selling homes.


Over the years, we continue to deliver the most advanced marketing systems to expose our Seller's homes to the world. We focus our efforts in 3 major areas of exposure, areas that are statistically shown as to how most Buyer's search for the homes they ultimately buy. But before we tell you what we do, let us share our results.


You see not are Real Estate professionals are created equal. If you pick an average Realtor, you stand to get average results.

Our Sellers get it done faster

Days on market

In 2017, our Sellers enjoyed faster than average results. The local average for a home that sold in 2017 was 25 days, and last year was busy. Like really busy. We strategically prolonged our days on market to produce a better result for our clients and still sold our homes on average, in only 10 days.


Why you should care

It is scientifically proven that the longer a home stays on the market, the less the home will ultimately sell for, just check out Ken H. Johnson's study with Florida International University. Less time on the market means reduced strangers in your home, less preparation for showings, and more money in your pocket.


We Sell A Lot Of Real Estate. Seriously.

Experience in Real Estate is based on the volume of homes a professional has sold, not the amount of years in the business. Since 2007, we have out-preformed the local market average consistently. The local average Real Estate Professional helped 6 families buy or sell their homes in 2017, and us? We helped 52.


Why you should care

The amount of homes a Real Estate professional sells matters. Each time we list and sell a new home, we have the opportunity to improve or experiment new marketing techniques, exercise and practice negotiation tactics, and learn what increases value in a home through new and ever-changing home staging finishing. When you have the opportunity to sell more homes than most, you can expect superior results from the process.

Your Money Where It Belongs. In Your Pocket.

To produce extraordinary results for our Sellers, you need to have an extraordinary plan. We take pride in having one of the best targeted-marketing approaches in the industry and combine that with our proven negotiation tactics to leave you with the best results for your situation. in 2017, we exceeded the industry average in terms of sale price versus asking price by a whopping 4.5%


Why you should care

Like all industries, not all professionals are created equal. We have delivered consistent, above average returns for our sellers every single year. Last year, on average, our seller walked away with an extra $4500 for each $100,000 in asking price for their home. Think our clients are ecstatic? See for yourself, you can communicate with them in real time here.

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