Sell then buy or buy then sell? The answer may surprise you!

Sell or buy first? It is a question we get asked ALL THE TIME. And the answer is never perfect.

When wanting to move to a new home, do you

1) Sell your current home first and then proceed to buy the next one?

2) Or do you buy the next home first and then proceed to sell your current home?

A tough call… The good news, though? We have broken down the top considerations and issues you may face in either scenario in this month’s #DrinksWithDarin.

WATCH- Debunked! Should you buy before you sell, or sell before you buy?

This month, we are enjoying No Boats on Sunday, a BC Cidery based out of Kelowna. It’s awesome, and it is great to support our Okanagan beverage providers, especially during this crazy fire season.

Enjoy the video. The stats are wild (as typical lately)!

Join me for a drink?


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