I have listed a new property at 59 10091 SWINTON CREST in Richmond.
Imagine finding a renovated townhome in the center of all the action, yet tucked away enough to enjoy silence in you large backyard. You enter the door & are welcomed to a kitchne with cupboards, appliances, countertops and tile. It looksgood, so good you smile. The custom wall opening makes the huge living room & its new laminate flooring look enchanted, and the details around the fireplace & crown mouldings are going to make your friends jealous. 3 large bedrooms upstairs, a private fenced backyard, 2 bathrooms & a den make this home just awesome. Oh ya, & bring the dog too. Be sure to check us out online for our 24 hour online open house at the link provided.
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Investing in New Construction


Investing in new construction can be rewarding and hurtful at the same time. Let’s examine some of the benefits and deterrents of buying that brand new home.




  • Everything is new

If you like shiny things and clean corners, new construction cannot be beat

  • Prices can be promotional

Getting into a new development with early bird or promotional pricing can help you gain financial ground in the real estate market

  • Developer incentives

The Developer may offer incentives for buying one of their products, such as memberships to certain clubs or business’, additional appliances or upgrades, etc.

  • New technology

Your building will be made of the latest and greatest advancements in construction and design

  • Support staff with development

Onsite development staff will be constantly at the development for the first few weeks. This is the time to let them know of any problems, while they are easy to track down

  • New home warranty

The new home warranty covers all new homes built in British Columbia. You get 2 years on labour and materials (some limits apply), 5 years on the building envelope and 10 years on structure. It's the strongest construction defect insurance in Canada.





  • High rentals

Most new developments these days have a very high rental rate due to changes in our fluctuating real estate market. Renters are associated with taking poor care of the property and having a lower level of respect for the occupants. Most new developments would have no restrictions on the amount of rentals

  • Unestablished strata

The strata council can change and implement changes altering bylaws manipulating your resale audience

  • Cost can be speculative

Buying a new property at tomorrows prices have burned many people in the last 10 years, disabling them to sell at a profit or even break even

  • Prices are non negotiable

Developers tend to avoid price haggling at all costs. The price is usually the price

  • Contracts written by the developer, for the developer

Any contract you sign from a sales office was written by a very educated and determined legal team to protect all aspects of the developers behind. These contracts are heavily weighted for the developers benefit only.

  • Floating completion and possession dates

Your move in date can be pushed back typically, not fully ensuring an exact move in date

  • HST

Got to love those taxes. Similar to buying a new car and driving it off the lot, 12% HST is difficult to recover short term

  • Immediate resale complications

Many developments do not want to compete to sell remaining properties if you choose to sell your unit in the early stages as well. If you have purchased and decided to move, there may be restrictions on how you are able to market your property, or you may even have to pay the developer a portion of your sales money as a penalty



When purchasing a new home, it is critical to include the involvement of me, your Realtor. By reviewing the contract for unfair terms or conditions, providing you with a real time market value, proper pricing forecasting, and  ensuring you do not overpay, you can avoid many of the deterrents listed above. Investing in a new development can be rewarding, if done correctly and well-researched. Thinking of buying a new development? Call me today, it costs nothing for an opinion or to assist in the purchase with you.


Until next time,




Darin Germyn sells real estate in White Rock, Delta, Surrey and Cloverdale. Darin is a Multi-Award Winning Real Estate Professional with Macdonald Realty Ltd. in Surrey BC.


To create and save your own listings search, click here


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The future of our market


                 Where are we at and where are we headed? Long ago was a time when you could rely on purchasing real estate to make a short term buck or be relatively inexact on what you wanted as you purchased a home with minimal regrets. Those days have changed. Now we live in a world of tighter mortgage rules, inflated property prices and a whirlwind of information. As John Naisbitt said best, “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” For our much debated “Real Estate Bubble” to burst, there first must be a bubble to pop. Although it makes for great speculation, our market does not include a bubble, yet it does have room for over inflated properties requiring a correction.


                 Prices remain relatively flat in many areas of the Lower mainland, a fact the news will refuse to tell you. Although in the Fraser Valley, August 2012 showed 20% less sales than August 2011, listings were down as well, by almost 8%. We are definitely seeing a bit of a correction in our market, yet many neighbourhoods and types of product still continue to thrive. The two facts you cannot ignore are that British Columbia continues to see approx. 40,000 new residents move here each year, and the Fraser Valley is the most affordable area outside of Vancouver yet within the Lower Mainland to own a home. For prices to go down ­significantly, you need people who have to sell, either because the economy has collapsed and they don’t have any income or developers have built a whole bunch of units that are unsold and the bank is screaming at them or foreclosing or something like that. None of those conditions appears imminent.


                If you know someone looking to buy or sell, rely on a professional who knows the market in and out, and is willing to go the extra step to build strong relationships. When you notice someone who could use my help, please take out your cell phone, look up my number and call me. This way we can talk about the best way to connect your friend with me so they have an opportunity to get the best advice first. 


Until next time,



Darin Germyn sells real estate in White Rock, Delta, Surrey and Cloverdale. Darin is a Multi-Award Winning Real Estate Professional with Macdonald Realty Ltd. in Surrey BC.


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An interesting article about the ecomonics of

our market and the seasons it goes through.


Published by the BCREA and written by

Brendon Ogmundson, BCREA Economist


What is a seasonal adjustment?


“BC Multiple Listing Service® (MLS® )
home sales fell 27 per cent in December!...
BC home sales rose 49 per cent in March!”
Both of these statements are true, but are
they meaningful? Not really.


The type of variation we see in some monthly data is
produced by a normal and predictable
seasonal pattern. Which is why whenever
the media reports economic statistics such
as how many jobs were created or houses
sold each month, it is very likely that the
statistics they are reporting have been
“seasonally adjusted.” But what exactly
does that mean?
Before we get into how and why seasonal
adjustment is done, it will be useful to
defi ne a few terms:

Time series: a time series is a set of data
points of some economic (or other) variable
observed through time. For example MLS®
home sales from January 1980 to
December 2011.

Seasonality: a time series displays
seasonality if there is, within the calendar
year, repetitive and predictable movement
around an economic variable’s trend.

Trend: the trend is the long-term
movement in a time series after other
components, such as cyclical fl uctuations,
have been accounted for.

Cycle: the cycle component of a time series
is the fl uctuation around the long-term
trend that occurs at a period of longer than
one year.

Irregular: a time series may also have what
is called an irregular component consisting
of whatever variation remains once trend,
cycle and seasonality have been
accounted for. It can be the result of
one-time events like extreme weather
conditions or other unpredictable events.
Many economic data are infl uenced by
recurring seasonal factors.


Whether from weather, holidays or other recurring
calendar events, these seasonal factors
often obscure the underlying movement
of an economic variable and make data
analysis more challenging. Consider the
increase in retail sales during the Christmas
shopping season or home sales in the
spring and summer months when the sun
is shining and fl owers are blooming. If one
were to look at the raw data for these series,
you would observe spikes in the level of
the data that could mask a meaningful
underlying trend.

The challenge for economists and other
users of data is to isolate movements in a
time series that are due solely to seasonality
and not to other important economic factors
that might be impacting trends in the data.
To accomplish this, various statistical
methods have been developed to decompose
a time series into its trend, cycle,
irregular and seasonal components. The
time series decomposition of MLS® home
sales is shown in the accompanying graph.
Most of the monthly fl uctuation in sales are
due to the long-term trend and mediumterm
cyclical economic factors. However,
there is a pronounced seasonal factor as
well. Once the seasonal factor has been
removed, it is much easier to see smaller
movement in the underlying data that
were previously masked by seasonal
fl uctuations.

As we have seen, seasonal adjustment is
an invaluable tool for data analysis that
can signifi cantly enhance understanding
and communication of the month to 

month changes in the housing market.


Provided by Darin Germyn


Darin Germyn sells homes in White Rock, Surrey, Delta and Langley

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Please visit our Open House at 207 1533 BEST ST in White Rock.
Open House on Saturday, September 15, 2012 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Imagine coming home to your new home knowing it is in a safe and happening neighborhood, and located in a rainscreened building with seismic upgrades. You walk into the designer home and marvel at the open floor plan with tasteful new quality laminate wall to wall. The kitchen is bright, with shiny new appliances and attractive backsplash, it will be enough to make your company a little bit jealous. You smile because you found a home that you can bring your dog or cat along with you. The private patio, complimentary colors,crown moulding and fireplace tell you you have found your next home. Welcome to the difference between owning and living.
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Here is a great article, published by the The Province today.


Sagging home sales and flat ­prices have prompted speculation that the “housing bubble” might be about to burst — a prospect that immediately catches the attention of British Columbians.


But there is no housing bubble, according to Tsur Somerville, director of the University of B.C.’s Centre for Urban Economics in the Sauder School of Business.


“You can’t burst a bubble that wasn’t there,” said Somerville. “But you can have prices above where they should be and it not be a ­bubble.


“A bubble isn’t just defined by high prices,” he said.

Somerville identified a housing “bubble” as conditions akin to what was happening in 2007.

“It didn’t matter what the condo looked like or what it’s going to look like or who was building it, people were lined up around the block and snapping it up,” he said. “They were saying, ‘I’ll take 12, please.’ That’s more of a bubble environment.”


While it might not be a bursting bubble, what is going on in the Vancouver area right now is not exactly normal, either. Greater Vancouver home sales in August were the second lowest since 1998 and represented a drop of 30.7 per cent compared to August of last year, and were 21.4 per cent lower than in July of this year.

The 1,649 sales of detached, attached and apartment homes were also 39.2 per cent below the 10-year August average of 2,711.


But prices were relatively flat. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver composite benchmark of $609,500 for residential properties in August was down only 1.1 per cent from July, and just 0.5 per cent down from this time last year — despite 2011 being a busy year for high-end property sales. If there was a large number of unsold units coming onto the market or a huge change in the economic environment, Somerville said, “that would really cause prices to tank.” “Most people don’t have to sell their house,” he said. “You bought it for $200,000. The price is now $150,000. Unless you have to, why would you sell it?”


For prices to go down ­significantly, contended Somerville, “You need people who have to sell, either because the economy has collapsed and they don’t have any income or developers have built a whole bunch of units that are unsold and the bank is screaming at them or foreclosing or something like that.”

None of those conditions appears imminent.


Somerville said it would take “some negative shock,” such as an ­economic meltdown or mortgage interest rates jumping from four per cent to nine or 10 per cent, to trigger lower prices. “The euro melting down would cause one of those [shocks],” he said. “If the Canadian government changes its immigration policy and slammed the door on wealthy Asian immigrants, that would affect ­[prices]. “I don’t have a crystal ball but if I had to guess I would be more likely to guess this kind of lower sales/flat prices is more likely to continue.” The B.C. Real Estate Association is more optimistic. Chief economist Cameron Muir is predicting increased sales in 2013 because of continuing low interest rates, population growth and more full-time jobs.


Employment growth in the ­Greater Vancouver area in the first ­seven months of the year, according to Muir, has been 3.5 to 4 per cent ­higher than the same period last year. “I would expect to see sales pick up before the end of the year, at least on a seasonally adjusted basis,” Muir said. Adding to his optimism is increased consumer demand for housing in the Okanagan and in B.C.’s North, where resource extraction continues but where there has also been more economic diversification.


The BCREA is forecasting Multiple Listing Service sales to go down by four per cent this year compared to last year but to go up by 7.5 per cent in 2013.

Read more:

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I have listed a new property at 207 1533 BEST ST in White Rock.
Imagine coming home to your new home knowing it is in a safe and happening neighborhood, and located in a rainscreened building with seismic upgrades. You walk into the designer home and marvel at the open floor plan with tasteful new quality laminate wall to wall. The kitchen is bright, with shiny new appliances and attractive backsplash, it will be enough to make your company a little bit jealous. You smile because you found a home that you can bring your dog or cat along with you. The private patio, complimentary colors,crown moulding and fireplace tell you you have found your next home. Welcome to the difference between owning and living.
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What a weird, confusing and funny word. What exactly does it mean, and why should you care? What if I told you that by “refinancing” your current mortgage could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long term. Would you want to learn more? I thought so.

What is it?


Refinancing is not new. I discovered that I myself never truly knew what a Re-Fi (or refinancing) a mortgage was truly about and how it can be beneficial. A Re-Fi is a replacement of an existing mortgage obligation with a different mortgage obligation under different terms. This means renegotiating your mortgage to replace it with more beneficial conditions. If you have purchased a home in the last few years, even up to the last year, a Re-Fi may be the best thing to happen to you.

Why should you care?


Most people think I refinance is only for people paying of credit cards or lines of credit, and although this is a GREAT idea, as serious money gets saved.  What most people don't know, you don't have to pay off credit cards to save.  If your mortgage is higher than could be leaving ten of thousands on the table in interest.  Seriously, one of my clients saved $24,000!  Just by refinancing...simple.

Will it help you out?


Let’s put it into a easy to understand case study to see if it is worth exploring.

Imagine you took out a mortgage 2 years ago at 3.99% on a $230,000 mortgage.  If you were to  refinance that mortgage today, even after you paid the $4000 penalty for terminating your current agreement, you could save over $24,000 in the next 5 years. I will repeat that, $24,000 in the next 5 years.

I want to save $24,000...How do I do it?


It's simple.  I will have one of my mortgage professional contact you.  Because you know me, they will do a mortgage analysis FREE OF CHARGE.  There is no obligation, and it is easy.

If you are currently in a 5 year term of a mortgage and have been underway in it for about 2 years or so, this is an avenue you definitely want to look down. This will benefit you long term, should the numbers work out, in lower monthly payments, paying off your principle faster, and of course, saving money over the long term.


Until next time,



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