Breeze townhomes by Adera- New South Surrey townhomes for sale at 16223 23A Ave


This vibrant community of townhomes in South Surrey is just across the way from Morgan Crossing and minutes from Crescent Beach and the Semiahmoo Trail. Designed in stunning West Coast Modern architecture, this community will be anchored by the West Coast Club dedicated to health and entertainment, designed to allow you to LIVE WEST COAST to the fullest! Experience urban living in suburban Morgan Heights, with easy access to the US border, Richmond, and downtown Vancouver.

 Breeze |16223 23A Avenue| New townhomes for sale in South Surrey

The inspiration for Breeze is rooted in a philosophy that celebrates the use of natural materials. Cedar detailing, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls are designed to bring the outside in and enhance your living experience. Balconies and elegantly landscaped entry areas also act as natural extensions to your West Coast home.
Built to high standards of sustainability, this community of

two, three, and four bedroom homes will serve your life just as comfortably whether you’re looking for a quiet moment or to have some fun with a group of your friends.

The lifestyle Breeze offers is with the times. After buying some seasonal goodies at the local market, you’ll look forward to spending some time in a kitchen designed to be the social hub of your home. The large, open-concept kitchens are perfect for at-home chefs to cook and entertain at the same time. From the sleek granite or quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, to the rich flooring, the resulting look is refined styling for the aesthetically conscious. Breeze |16223 23A Avenue| New townhomes for sale in South Surrey


Style is just the beginning, but there is more. “Living green” isn’t just a nice catchphrase anymore — it’s important to everyone. As a Breeze homeowner, you’re doing your part in making an active contribution to reduce your eco-footprint. These homes are BuiltGreen Gold certified, designed and constructed to be resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. What does that mean for you? Your sustainability triple bottom line is maximized: financially, you benefit from lower maintenance costs and lower monthly energy bills; personally, you actively reduce your ecological footprint; socially, you know you’re doing your part for friends, family and future generations.


To schedule a viewing of new townhomes for sale in White Rock and South Surrey, click below to set up a private tour.


New townhomes for sale in White Rock and South Surrey 


Darin Germyn sells real estate in White Rock, Delta, Surrey and Cloverdale. Darin is a Multi-Award Winning Real Estate Professional with Macdonald Realty Ltd. in Surrey BC.


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This is just a heads up to anyone who is planning on purchasing a property in the next 3 months. Starting Nov 1, the new rule states that qualifying rates for your mortgage will be based on the 5 year posted rate (today 5.24%), instead of the discounted 5 year rate (today 3.09%). 


Surprise! Many lenders and mortgage brokers will tell you that the new rules have been in practice for a number of months already.  Depending on the overall picture of an applicant, Genworth and CMHC will already be basing the qualifying rate on the overall financial strength of the customer.  Even if the 5 year rate offer is 3.09%, the banks will calculate what would happen if the rate was 4%.  That way, when the mortgage comes up for renewal, there should still be a cushion.


You would still get the discounted rate when you sign for your mortgage, but qualifying for that mortgage will be more difficult in the future, because you need to qualify using the higher rate.

The bank's regulators (OSFI) are trying to curb future losses caused by the inevitability of interest rate increases in the future. 


That being said, if you were planning to buy a home and you qualify for a certain amount of mortgage, after October 31st 2012, that amount will be less.


As an example, to qualify for a $300,000 mortgage under the current rules the rate is the discounted 3.09% and the payment is $1433.63 and this is the payment you would qualify on your mortgage application. After October 31st, your $300,000 mortgage qualifying rate is the posted 5.24% and your qualifying payment would now be $1786.03 ($350.00 higher).  You still get the lower rate on the actual mortgage, but to qualify for that rate you need to apply at the higher rate.  This is the way the banks have been qualifying variable rate mortgage plans, since May of this year.


There have been many mortgage rule changes this year alone. It is important to note that if you have been pre-approved or pre-qualified by your lender before Nov 1, 2012, you will likely have up to 90 days since the date you were put into the banks system to take advantage of qualifying the original way.


If you are unsure if you have been pre-approved or pre-qualified by your lender and are planning to purchase within the next 90 days, it is impeccable you contact your lender immediately to ensure your purchasing power remains the same.


Also, if you require any contacts from me, please don’t hesitate to ask me asap! I hope this blog helps!


Until next time,


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Here's your chance to win a new Ipad, trip for 2 to Whistler, and more

Movember is just around the corner.


Join our team and help us raise money for this fabulous cause. During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in Canada and around the world. With their “Mo’s”, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives.

From November 1, send in your photo, or a photo of a man in your life, participating in Movember clean shaved. Throughout the month you or the man in your life must proudly dawn their “Mo” raising awareness for men’s health. All who fundraise can join up at and will be invited to attend our wrap up party Nov. 29 where we will be giving away some awesome prizes for most money raised, most money raised as a couple, best mustache, and more.

Come join us for on the house food and drink, games, a 50/50 and a ton more! Minimum of $25 raised to the Duster Cluster team to attend, guest minimum donation of $10.

Wrap up party Thursday November 29, 2012 at a SECRET location 7– 10pm

-Free food & beverage of your choice
-Games, music & sports on TV
-Complimentary hot shave provided by trained barber
-Prizes include new Apple Ipad, trip for 2 to Whistler and more!

To join the team, click below


For additional details, call 604.374.6145 or email


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Thinking of investing in Real Estate? Meet Don Campbell. The name needs no introduction for Canadian real estate investors. Less well-known, however, are the seven investment rules the Real Estate Investment Network founder shared for a recent feature profile. Got a pen and paper?


1. Manage Your Expectations. The road to sustainable wealth is not a straight one. There will be economic curves to navigate, tenant potholes to avoid and financing road-blocks to get around. Investors need to face the reality of the business they are entering and use a system that helps them navigate through the inevitable twists and turns while at the same time keeps them moving forward.


2. Never sign anything that’s inaccurate. A supposed shortcut that some people justify while trying to navigate the real estate investing highway is to not be honest 100% of the time. Sadly many are coached to sign documents that are truly inaccurate.


3. Numbers tell the real story. Never fall in love with a piece of real estate no matter how nice it looks or feels. It is easy to talk yourself into just about any property. A strategic investor only falls in love with the numbers and cash flow. Those who fall in love with a specific piece of real estate will always over pay for the property.


4. Gain Perspective “Don’t drink your own Kool-aid.” Never blindly believe everything you hear. Sophisticated investors never allow themselves to think they know everything about their market. Find ways to keep expanding your knowledge and expertise by speaking with investors from all different backgrounds.


5. Buy for cash flow first – value increases second. There is no more important risk mitigation factor than positive cash flow. It allows you to ride the inevitable ups and downs of the real estate market and can provide will become the basis for long term sustainable wealth.


6. Treat your real estate like a business. Unlike other investment options, the minute you buy an investment piece of real estate you become a business owner and must start thinking like one. One of the biggest mistakes investors make is considering investment real estate a passive income investment. It is far from passive and you must manage the property as you would an active business.


7. Choose your advice wisely. Only ask for real estate investment advice from somebody who has extensive history and has seen all market conditions. Find a way to get your advice and analysis from someone who doesn’t directly profit from you purchasing a piece of property. And never, ever buy based on a “Hot Tip.”


Thinking of investing in Real Estate? Give me a call to get the best and statistical information before you begin.


Until next time,


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Please visit our Open House at 59 10091 SWINTON CREST in Richmond.
Open House on Saturday, October 20, 2012 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Imagine finding a renovated townhome in the center of all the action, yet tucked away enough to enjoy silence in you large backyard. You enter the door & are welcomed to a kitchen with cupboards, appliances, countertops and tile. It looksgood, so good you smile. The custom wall opening makes the huge living room & its new laminate flooring look enchanted, and the details around the fireplace & crown mouldings are going to make your friends jealous. 3 large bedrooms upstairs, a private fenced backyard, 2 bathrooms & a den make this home just awesome. Oh ya, & bring the dog too. Be sure to check us out online for our 24 hour online open house at the link provided.
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By Jean Sorensen


Jennifer Grenz, program director for the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver (ISCMV), is sounding the alarm to the real estate and development industry regarding Japanese knotweed.

An imported species once favoured in Victorian gardens for its ability to provide privacy screens, Japanese knotweed has jumped the garden wall in B.C. and is now rampant in lanes, roadways, stream banks, along highways and on private property ranging from city lots to rural acreage. The weed, often called “mock bamboo”, can bust through concrete foundations, asphalt roads and even metal.


Japanese knotweed is now in many B.C. regions, found in six provinces in Canada and 39 of 50 U.S. states and is on the World Conservation Union’s list of 100 worst invasive species.


 “We would like to see it on property disclosures,” says Grenz, who says it should rank up there with grow operations in terms of the hidden threats for clients purchasing property or developers hoping to build on a site. As a first step, she is writing a proposal for funding through the Real Estate Foundation of B.C. to develop an on-line training video for real estate agents and developers that will educate them to the potential threat of the weed.

The proposal has received a letter of support from the B.C. Real Estate Association (BCREA). The association wants to prevent knotweed from reaching the levels realized in many European countries.  “BCREA is examining how information on invasive species can be included in the next version of the association’s E&O Insurance Legal Update course,” says association policy analyst Norma Miller.


Grenz says liability issues are also becoming an increasing concern. Real estate agents will need to ensure the client buying a home is “investing in something that is not potentially losing value,” she says.  If the land is going to be developed, the contractor needs to ensure that the guarantees in place remain intact and are not shattered by a weed bursting through a wall or foundation.   


“We are trying to get the word out to the construction industry,” says Grenz, who points to the 2012 London Summer Olympic’s velodrome and aquatic centre site, which was plagued by the invasive species.

In March 2007, the Daily Mail online reported: “Japanese knotweed could add £70 million to the cost of staging the 2012 Olympics. Specialists can charge up to £40,000 to clear only six square yards of ground affected by the weed, which has been called the most invasive plant in Britain.”


The plant was subsequently blamed for part of the cost over-run for the site development, which included demolishing buildings, building tunnels, clearing up contamination and constructing new buildings on the Olympic site housing the aquatic centre and the velodrome. 


Clearing sites of the weed is difficult, says Mike Coulthard, environmental consultant and partner in Vancouver’s Diamond Head Consulting, which has tackled government contracts. “We had a test patch where we pulled it twice a year for two years and it still came back,” he says, adding that herbicides are the only ready solution.

The bamboo-like shrub can grow three metres in height and has a root system that can travel down nine metres and laterally 28 metres. It can regenerate from pieces as small as a finger. It has been added to the B.C. Weed Control Act, which means landowners must control the plant.


David Adkins, industry development manager for the B.C. Landscape and Nursery Association, says his members are aware of the knotweed problem and a certified and licensed professional qualified to handle herbicides should do eradication.  Even a small piece left behind can “punch out a root” and “off it goes,” he says.


Close-up of knotweed going through concrete (Photo: ISCMV).


In B.C. the new Port Mann/Highway 1 Project dealt with knotweed.  Hatch environmental consultants announced it had been hired by the project to remove knotweed along the 37-km corridor. “Japanese knotweed, recently designated as a noxious weed, resists most non-chemical attempts to eradicate it and is a management challenge,” said a Hatch news release.


In the U.K., Grenz says, insurance companies have refused to provide coverage for building sites known to have knotweed. “I’ve already had a call from one insurance company here,” she says, adding that B.C. is just waking up to the ramifications of the knotweed’s spread.


Grenz said it has a preference for cool, moist areas and is common around riverbanks. That impacts any structures nearby such as bridge supports, commercial operations such as gravel pits where a piece might be in the gravel mix sent to a home, or any nearby buildings.  She says the council has held training sessions with bridge inspectors, as it was recently found growing along the base of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver.


“It is also a concern to people who are buying ranch land,” says Grenz, who owns an organic blueberry farm in the Fraser Valley, because it can erode land values, clog streams and incur a substantial clean-up bill.  

“The good news is that regional districts and municipalities are developing active programs” on their lands.

Grenz says municipalities at one time simply mulched the plants when it was found growing along the roadside. “When you shred it you are just turning it into a million new plants,” she says. Also, the machinery used can carry pieces of knotweed to new locations.


For more information visit

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I have listed a new property at 310 10038 150TH ST in Surrey.
Imagine the potential of this aggressively priced 1 bedroom condo looking at the North Shore mountains. Your penthouse unit with vaulted ceilings and RARE skylight provide space and tone of natural light. You smile because this condo is ina rainscreened building and currently has a new roof being put on, due to complete end of November. Insuite laundry, 1 cat or 1 dog allowed to join you. You own private deck has a large storage area just off it, and you can people watch from this top floor unit. Complex is for 19+ only so you can enjoy peace and quiet from the rest of your neighbours in confidence. Be sure to check us out online at the 24 hour online open house at the link provided.
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The double sided coin: Buy or Sell?


How could a person ever know what to believe these days? You have all sides telling you it is a bad time to sell a home but maybe you should in order to maximize your losses? Or you have others saying it is a bad time to buy because our real estate market is doomed to bottom out. Interesting how many cannot make a statement that reveals there can never be 2 bad sides to a 2 sided coin. The fact is that fi it is a bad time to sell; it means it is a great time to buy. If it is a bad time to be buying, it is a great time to sell. There are no 2 ways around it.


Warren Buffett, possibly the greatest investor and money maker of all time once said “Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” This means do not do what everybody else does, or you will have what everybody else has… and most people are broke. Warren was known to be purchasing stocks during the great recession of 2008 as he viewed the economic troubles as a huge opportunity to acquire great stock shares at a discount. Relating back to real estate, the British Columbia Real Estate Association recently released an interesting fact they have discovered. While all economic factors in BC appear to be healthy, Economist Cameron Muir with the BCREA is pointing the finger of this declining market to be the work of the government. This is due to the new mortgage rules introduced in late June 2012.


The interesting thing about the government is they can have various effects on the housing market, either inducing a rapid increase in prices or contributing to a decline in home sales and prices with their handiwork.


Example 1- The government allows 40 year mortgage amortizations (the life of a mortgage) and gives the option of putting up to 0% down as payment for a home. This in turn created a huge demand for housing that gave nearly everyone with a pulse the ability to purchase a home, which in turn drastically inflated prices up until 2007.


Example 2- The government brings the life of a mortgage down from 30 years to 25, and tightens up the amount people can qualify for. This eliminates many people from purchasing what they want, or used to be able to afford. Accompany that into softening prices in our area and you spike the downturn of a market substantially.


Bottom line, if the government had of left mortgages at 25 life cycles to begin with, supply and demand, the basis of economics, would have kept these major fluctuations from occurring.


In the last 5 years, in 3 occurrences when the government has tightened the mortgage rules since 2008, we have seen a sharp 3 month decline in prices and sales. These 3 months has followed by a recovery or increase of sales and prices thereafter.



So what does this mean? It could mean that you have a 3 month window to purchase a home “on sale” until the market comes back. It has done it the last 3 times in a row, is it safe to say there will be a 4th?


Buddha is known for saying, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” We can take away from this one thing, we know where we stand as of today, and that is in a lot better spot than 2 months ago if you are considering buying a home. If you are a wait and see type of buyer, your challenge is now that you will never know where the bottom of a market is until it has rebounded back up.


I guess you can wait and see. 


Until next time,


Darin Germyn


To read Cameron Muir’s article, click here


Darin Germyn sells real estate in White Rock, Delta, Surrey and Cloverdale. Darin is a Multi-Award Winning Real Estate Professional with Macdonald Realty Ltd. in Surrey BC.


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